Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 Review

by Philip on April 13, 2013


Scanners have always been difficult to use, especially sheetfed scanners. We’ve all seen people struggling to use them in business settings, and they rarely seem as if they would be worth the money. But, when you read a Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 review, you will see that this is the best selling sheetfed scanner of its kind for a reason – it is reliable. Not only does this work quickly on all sizes of paper, but it allows you to create PDF files in a matter of seconds, which can then be filed away on your computer.

What Is the Fujitsu Scansnap s 1500?

5FSDeskThis is a sheetfed scanner that is able to scan up to 600 dpi, which is sufficient for virtually anyone. It had a maximum scan speed of 20 pages per minute in color, grayscale, and black and white, and is able to scan almost any type of paper. In other words, you can use the same device to scan business cards, receipts, 8.5 x 11” paper, legal size paper, and other sizes such as A4, A5, and A6.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using this type of scanner is that it doesn’t just scan your files into your computer – it actually converts them into searchable PDF files which are much easier to ask.

How Does It Work?

This is one of the easiest scanners to use on the market today, and there is a model for both Windows and Macintosh, which makes it ideal for all office settings. While you may think of this is only a scanner that would be used in an office, many home offices are using this, as are individuals who just want to keep track of all of their paperwork in a way that is much easier. When you scan your receipt and all of your important paperwork, there is no reason to hold onto the originals – and that frees up a lot of space.

From the time you take the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500 out-of-the-box, it is only a matter of minutes until you have it plugged in, the driver and software installed, and you are ready to start scanning. It really is that easy.

What Will You Read in a Fujitsu Scan Snap S1500 Review?

When you read many of the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500 reviews, you will see that the majority of people who try this device are completely amazed at what a difference it makes in the way they do business. Even those who only have a small number of documents to scan find that they end up saving a lot of money by using this over their old scanner.

“Once I got the hang of it, I was able to scan hundreds of documents every hour. I was able to free up a lot of space in my desk, and I feel more organized than ever.”   - George,

“I had an old scanner where you had to lift the top up and leave the sheet down. I can’t believe I held onto that for so long. The Fujitsu is like a whole new world.”   - Leila,

In addition to this scanner being so much quicker than other styles of scanners, you should keep in mind that it also is able to turn your documents into PDF files, which means that they are smaller to maintain, searchable, and easier to file away.

“I’ve been using this for all of my paperwork now. I scanned business cards, receipts, and all of my business documents. I highly recommend this.”   - Vern,

Where Should You Buy the Fujitsu 1500?

According to just about every Fujitsu Scansnap 1500 review that you see, you will notice that pretty much everyone has bought this online rather than a local office supply store. Most local stores do not carry high-quality sheetfed scanners such as this, and if they did, it would be at full price. But, when you go online, you can find the Fujitsu 1500 at a discounted price, and you will find models that work with both Windows and Macintosh.

Is This the Right Type of Scanner for You?

If you’re only experience with a scanner has been with an old-fashioned scanner that was able to deal with only one page at a time, and you will not believe what a difference the Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 can make your business or your home life. Being able to instantly turn all of your documents into PDF files in a matter of seconds, and to do so in a reliable and high quality fashion, is something that many people have never even imagined. This single product can free up an enormous amount of space in your desk, in your wallet, and throughout your home or office, and give you a level of organization that you may have never had before.

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